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Liquor shops to open in Maharashtra’s Red zones

When the whole country is suffering such a big crisis, government decides to raise the domestic violence in Maharashtra.

Liquor Shops
Source: India Today

The government had decided to open liquor shops in many green and orange zones around the country earlier. But in an ANI report released moments ago, it says that the government is allowing to open the liquor shops even in red zone! The news is as bizarre as it sounds. Opening anything unessential in the red zone will only motivate people to break rules and come out of their houses.

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Imtiyaz Jaleel, Member of Parliament, Aurangabad in a statement says that “If shops in Aurangabad open we’ll break lockdown restrictions and forcibly close these shops. Will make many women come out on streets. This isn’t time to sell liquor and create problems for mothers and sisters”.

The statement might sounds rebellion but the concerns are not. The country has registered many domestic violence cases after the implementation of the lockdown on 25th March. If the liquor shops will open, expect a sudden rise of violence cases in many parts of the country. Government needs to recheck this decision and will have to allow only necessary things to open during the lockdown.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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