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Liquor Sales of Rs 45 Crore recorded on May 4

As soon as the government lifted the restrictions from selling of liquor, people went out in large numbers to purchase it forgetting about their safety.

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Source: India Today

On May 4, the country might have seen the weirdest thing ever done by the Indians. Amid the coronavirus lockdown, liquor shops all around the nation were allowed to reopen and start the sales. From the morning, several photos and videos were coming of people, standing on large queues to purchase and stock liquors.

The thrust for alcohol was clearly seen throughout the day as people forgot about their safety and stood in lines. No social distancing was followed at all. Only very few liquor shops in the country really did the necessary things for their customers safety.

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Karnataka Excise Department releases the figures of the sales on the first day of reopening the liquor shops.

The numbers are not lying, you can clearly see the need of liquor among people. Now the biggest concern is that, this might result to increase covid19 cases. At some places, people were seen standing very close to each others, and not bothering about their own safety.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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