ScienceThe largest Ozone hole over the Arctic is now closed

The largest Ozone hole over the Arctic is now closed

Ozone hole
Image Courtesy: ESA

The scientists issued a statement, saying the largest ozone hole observed last month in the Arctic is now completely closed. The scientists also clarified, it’s not a result of lockdown or Coronavirus pandemic.

Last month the scientists of European Space Agency observed strong reduction of ozone concentration over the Arctic. The Copernicus Atmosphere Observations Service reported that the hole formed over the Arctic is now completely closed.

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Ozone layer protects the harmful ultraviolet rays such as UV-B and UV-C from the sun which causes skin cancer. And the scientists were scared, if this hole gets extended to Southern Hemisphere, it can cause loss of human lives.

The scientists signalled that the hole was formed because of low temperatures at North Pole. The polar vortex have been very powerful and the temperature had gone down very low, this year. This generated stratospheric clouds which created an ozone hole.

Copernicus scientist Antje Iness told EuroNews, “It is very unusual for such a strong ozone depletion to occur in the northern hemisphere, but this year’s polar vortex was exceptionally strong and persistent, and temperatures were low enough to allow stratospheric clouds to form for several months”.

The scientists from European Space Agency had said earlier that, the Ozone hole above the Arctic is three times larger than the area of Greenland. Ozone hole seen over Arctic is very rare, the last time an ozone hole was formed over Arctic was in, 2011 and it was very smaller as compared to this which had formed.

Formation of Ozone hole is very common in Antarctica, the Antarctic Ozone hole are formed because of combination of frigid temperature and man-made pollution.

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