NewsJustice Prevailed, Bollywood Lauds Courts decision

Justice Prevailed, Bollywood Lauds Courts decision

Nirbhaya Case

The 4 men Akshay Kumar Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Mukesh Singh convicted in 2012, Nirbhaya Gang rape and murder case were hanged this morning and finally justice prevailed.At last minute plea was filed by one of the convicts, seeking a review of the death penalty. The four men were hanged at 5:30 AM at Delhi’s Tihar Jail.

The four were convicted for gang raping 23 year old Nirbhaya in moving bus and murdering her.

This case brought every Indian on the  streets, pleading for the convicts to be hanged, it brought anger in each and every individual of the country. On this Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi said, “Our daughter is no more and won’t return. We started this fight after she left us. This struggle was for her but we will continue this fight in future for our daughters. I hugged my daughter’s picture and said ‘finally you got justice’,”

Bollywood Lauds The Court Judgement

Actors took the twitter to laud the judgement of the court. Actor Ritesh Deshmukh took his twitter and share why quick justice should be served. Stricter law enforcement, harsher punishment & fast courts for quick justice is the only way to instil fear in monsters who even think of such heinous acts. #JusticeForNirbhaya,” Riteish tweeted.

Bollywood Diva Preeti Zinta also believed the same thing. What has happened now, should have happened years ago. She tweeted, ‘Finally the #Nirbhayacase comes to an end. I wish it would have been faster but I’m happy it’s over. Finally she & her parents are in peace”.

Tapsee tweeted, “It’s done. Finally. I hope the parents can finally sleep slightly better tonight after YEARS. It’s been a long long battle for them. Asha Devi.”


There is surely some fault in our system that justice is being served after eight long years.
But finally, justice has been delayed and not denied.

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