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JOY UI 11 Coming in Black Shark Devices | Know the Timeline


Subsidiary of Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi has started rolling out latest Joy UI 11 phase-wise. Black Shark which was started in 2018 gained a lot of popularity in global platform. But the sub-brand is not focusing on India from a longer time. They might have different kind of strategy for India but they are still focusing on their released products.

Recently, Black Shark’s Global tweeter handle pushed a tweet which made their fans to go happy in the lock-down. They announced that the latest update will be pushing Joy UI 11 to the older devices.

Tweet mentions that Black Shark 2 devices has started receiving the latest UI which is based on Android 10. Whereas Black Shark 2 Pro will receive the update from tomorrow, i.e., 30th April, 2020. This update is basically for testing if users find bugs then company will have to pull back the update for improvements. Company promised to made Joy UI 11 available for everyone from 6th May via OTA.

Improvements and Features on JOY UI 11

1. Key System Apps Improvements

Latest update has brought much stability, fluency and functionality. Along-with these improvements :

  • The update also brings new multiple features, including quick reply, dual apps, quick ball, single hand mode, etc.
  • The two Black Shark Series devices are now compatible with Mi account and Mi cloud, allowing features such as Find My Phone, Back Up and Data Sync, etc. to operate on the device.
  • New file manager app to support the review of photos, videos, document, and music, and the automatic classification of PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT files to simplify any files type categorization.
  • Security update that restricts the current running app to access the location information and the location information is protected during network scan to prevent tracking. Also, the improved Google security patch for security and stability.
  • Thousands of cool new themes are newly introduced to the system, which could be accessed online for free.
  • 236 new Emoji are added.

2. All Screen Gestures

Now, users can go to Home Screen by swiping up. For opening Recent Apps, users are need to hold for few seconds after swiping up and for Back, just Swipe Left. These navigation bar buttons can be hidden as well. Special function to prevent accidental touch in games has been added.

3. IoT Capability

IoT capability of Black Share has been increased by introducing new supports. Now, company has added :

  • Mi Share: Black Shark is part of the Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance, enabling the device to share files, faster and easier with other android smartphones.
  • Wireless Print: Now the devices are compatible to do a fast-wireless print through ‘Share to’ page with more than 2,000 printers from 25 brands.
  • Cast: The cast feature allows the phone’s content, including documents, videos, photos, etc., to be mirrored to TV, as long as the phone is connected with the same WiFi as the TV.

4. Natural Dynamic Sound System and Always on Display

Natural dynamic sound system consists of dynamic alarm ringtones with seven natural alarm ringtones for seven days a week and supports weather alarm ringtone that has different ringtones based on different weathers, and Dynamic Birds Sound for Notifications with variety of natural sounds for notifications.

Always on Display supports Always On Clock and Light Effects for notifications.

5. Richer Tools

Joy UI 11 has received new tools which are as follows :

  • Screen TRecorder
  • Scrolling Screenshots (Long Screenshots)
  • Notes
  • Compass
  • Calculator
  • Scanner
  • Recorder
  • Weather
Latest JOY UI features has been published in the Global Black Shark website. Black Shark 1 (Black Shark) users are not happy as they were expecting to receive JOY UI 11 in their devices.



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