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JL 50 Review: India’s first time travel web series that is watchable

In this JL 50 review, I am only going to talk about the technical aspects of the series that impresses me and disappoints me. It is a completely spoiler free review, so you don’t have to worry about anything.JL 50 review

The brand new Sony Liv mini series titled JL 50 is a Science fiction based in Kolkata, India. This show stars Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapur, Piyush Mishra, Ritika Anand and Rajesh Sharma in lead roles. It is written and directed by Shailender Vyas.

JL 50 is a story about a airplane, that took off in 1984, Calcutta and was found 35 years later in 2019 after it was seen crashing down a hill. The strange thing about it, that the two survivors from the crash are the same people who were in the flight that boarded on 1984 and they didn’t aged at all. CBI was handed this case to investigate.

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Abhay Deol as Shantanu is a CBI officer, who is playing the lead in this series. Ritika Anand and Piyush Mishra are playing the roles of the two survivors and Pankaj Kapur is portraying the role of a Quantum Physics professor. Rajesh Sharma is another CBI officer, who is helping Shantanu in this mysterious case.

JL 50 is a four episode long mini series with an average running time of 30-35 minutes each. The creators tried to gave Indians their very first authentic time travel show, which is genuinely interesting to watch rather than being senseless with it’s product. The show starts straight with an impactful scene. It slowly and steadily begin to unfold the other pages of the storybook.

The first thing I want to talk about is the budget and production design. The show was made on a limited budget, which you will notice when you see the use of VFX in it. It’s very unreal to be honest, barely matching the surrounding lighting conditions of the scene. However, the set and production designing of the series is good. The city of Kolkata was well used in here.

Now, if we come to the main discussion that is, whether the creators were able to create a good time travel show or not? Then my answer is, they tried and they did it well. It is not very exceptional but it’s totally appreciable with what it offers. Good use of quantum physics was also seen in this show.

But as you have expected, the show has several plot holes, which according to me is very obvious. Those unwanted interruptions, made the smoothly flowing story complicated at some points. However the writing and conceptualising is very much commendable. Shailender Vyas tried his best to create a believable scenario which can help develop into a possible storyline.

But while watching JL 50, I found my scenes and moments that are inspired from foreign shows. For example like a disturbed protagonist, who is struggling to get his answers. A crazy psychopath, who can sacrifice anyone to achieve his goals and ambitions. A funny supporting cast, who is also very smart and helps in solving the case.

One thing to remember here is that, the actors and creators involved in this project has very less experience about such genre of filmmaking, so their execution might seem amateurish at some point. But for a first time go, they were genuinely very good. A time travel story based in Indian settings, is what we were missing.

JL 50 is a science fiction that India deserves. The audience needs to see and appreciate these creators to make something new and refreshing for them instead of those cringe family dramas. It’s definitely not a perfect show, but for the first time seeing something like this made in India I am genuinely very happy for the future projects.

Before ending this review, I just want to say one thing to all the Indian producers out there. Please believe in these creators, who are trying to present the audience new content right now. Audience is hungry for these kind of shows. Support them or we will be stucked in our cocoons forever.

Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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