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Truth behind James Charles mocking Indian classical music in a Tik-Tok video

James CharlesIn a recent Tik-Tok video, popular makeup artist and content creator James Charles was seen lip syncing on an Indian classical music. The video received huge amount of hatred specially from the South Asian because of it’s presentation. But did he actually tried to mock the music?


James Charles is an American Internet personality, who runs a YouTube channel by his name. That channel has over 20.7 million subscribers and has a total of 2.4 Billion views. He is currently one of the most influential make-up artist in the world. Since he has such a big wide audience, his every action will be under surveillance.

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Recently, he uploaded a video on Tik-Tok where he used a weird looking filter on his face, that makes his mouth & eyes wobbling unevenly and he also used a classical Indian music with it. That video becomes a topic of discussion for several individuals about racism and more. People are tweeting on Twitter about this and are demanding an apology from James. Here is the Tiktok video shared by a Twitterati.

After looking at the footage for several times and analysing it, one thing becomes clear that James was not mocking the music. He was just laughing at his face that is looking absurdly weird in that filter. Some of the netizens felt the same and tweeted about this. People are not happy because of the treatment that South Asians receive from the Westerners. The trend that was started, is clearly intended to put out things much more than talking about James mocking Indian music.

James Charles is only 21 years old right now and at this age he gained what some fifty years old people are not been able to achieve. He needs to be more aware about things that he puts out on the internet because some may get highly offended by his actions. All these mess will be cleared only when James himself will write down anything regarding this.

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