IPL 2020Jaidev Unadkat given out by third umpire after ball hits the spider...

Jaidev Unadkat given out by third umpire after ball hits the spider cam cable, umpires called camera angles inconclusive

Jaidev Unadkat given out after ball hit the spider cam cable
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Another bad decision has raised questions on the umpires after Jaidev Unadkat was given out by third umpire Vineet Kulkarni after the ball was seen clearly hitting the spider cam cable.

In the 18th over of the match which was bowled by Kuldeep Yadav, Jaidev Undakat hit a short ball in the air over deep mid-wicket but was caught by Kamlesh Nagarkoti. The ball initially was hit very high but suddenly it lost it’s speed and was deflected.

However, after the ball was caught, no one noticed the deflection except Unadkat who noticed it as soon as the ball hit the spider cam able and was not happy about that. He told the Umpires that the ball hit the cables.The umpires did go upstairs to check the deflection. If the ball would have clipped the cables it would have been a dead ball.

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The third umpire Vineet Kulkarni checked the ball from multiple camera angles and it did appear that the ball hit the spider cam cable and was deflected but umpire Kulkarni failed to notice that and clarified that these replays aren’t showing anything conclusive and hence the batsmen was given out.

But the fact of the matter is all the viewers as well as commentators on air have clearly noticed the ball touching the wire and being deflected before being caught by Nagarkoti.

Irfan Pathan on air said the ball did deflect after hitting the cable. Simon Doull also said on-air – “We think it might have hit the cable of the spider cam which renders it a dead ball.”

Chris Jordon given short run

This is not the first incident in this year’s IPL that an error has been committed by the umpires. In the 2nd match between Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Capitals that went into super over, Chris Jordon was denied a run that was wrongly called as short-run by umpire Nitin Menon. Delhi Capitals went on to tie the match which Kings XI would have won before.

This incident should not happen in IPL as this could affect the result of the match and can halt the chances of a team qualifying for playoff. Though this incident didn’t caught the eye of many because Rajasthan Royals was on the verge of losing the game but imagine if the match was on crucial stage and if he was given out like this, it would have been very controversial.

Umpires should ensure that they commit fewer errors and ensure that the decision is taken after taking the time or consulting with other Umpires or taking the help of 3rd umpire as when required. BCCI should also check with the umpires and do away with decisions that can affect the results of the match in the future.

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