SciencePSLV-C51 mission is Special, it will launch satellite from Pixxel: ISRO Chief

PSLV-C51 mission is Special, it will launch satellite from Pixxel: ISRO Chief

PSLV-C51 to launch satellite from pixxel space

The next PSLV-C51 mission is a special mission as it will launch a satellite from Pixxel Space, ISRO chairman Dr K Sivan said after the successful launch of PSLV-C50.

Pixxel is an Indian tech startup, aims to building a constellation of earth imaging small satellite capable in providing Global coverage to detect, monitor and predict global phenomenal in real time.

The company is building constellation of 30 earth observation satellite which will be launch by 2023 and the first satellites of its series ‘Anand‘ will be launching on ISRO PSLV-C51 mission in Q1 of 2021.

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Talking about the mission, Dr K Sivan said, The next PSLV-C51 mission is special for entire country, Recently we have brought space reforms initiated by Government of India, unlocking India potential in the space sector. Within 8 months, the first satellite from a startup called Pixxel India called Anand is going to launch”.

Talking about the ISRO cheif statement, company co-founder and CEO Awais Ahmed tweeted, “Pixxel + @isro = 🚀
Coming soon to a launch near you.”

Co-founder Kshitij also responded on the ISRO chief statement and he tweeted, “Can’t help feeling energised when the Chairman of ISRO himself calls your mission special.”

Earlier, the startup had planned to launch its satellite in mid 2020 on a Russian Soyuz rocket, but due to the delays, Pixxel decided to launch Indian satellite on Indian rocket.

These Earth observations satellites, Pixxel space will be used in domains like agriculture, oil & gas, climate change monitoring and forestry among others.

After the space reforms by Indian government, several space startup like AgniKul Cosmos, Skyroot Aerospace emerged in India.

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