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Is the Diss War between Divine and Emiway Over?

After few diss tracks and some online bashing to each other, Mumbai rappers Divine and Emiway has finally revealed the end result of their Diss War.

Divine and Emiway
Emiway Bantai (left) and Divine (Right)

On April 26, both Divine and Emiway Bantai come together in a live session to talk to each other face to face. The live session was started by Emiway, Divine joined it later to talk to him and the public. In their conversation, both the rappers have cleared the misunderstandings which earlier resulted in this diss war.

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As we know Divine is Catholic, he in his statement said that, in Hard song Emiway has mentioned something related to Christmas, which he felt really bad. He thought Emiway is involving religion in his diss. That thing triggered him and later he also entered this diss war with “Chaabi Wala Bandar” song.

But in reply Emiway says that, his intentions were never to involve their religion and he neither did it. Those words were only used there to give the track some rhyme. Hence the misunderstandings were cleared and they carried forward the live session with laughters and smile. So the end result is “the Diss War is over“. Divine and Emiway both want to create authentic music which their public can enjoy collectively. They don’t want to spread hatred through their music.

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Now if you are thinking that, the diss war was fake and they gonna remove the videos as the war is over, then Emiway has a statement to explain it. He said, the diss culture helps him express his feelings more clearly and the diss tracks are proof that they have created something different from their regular content. The videos are going to stay up on their channels for their audiences.

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