NewsIs PUBG Mobile returning on 2nd December in India ?

Is PUBG Mobile returning on 2nd December in India ?

PUBG Mobile to comabck in India

PUBG, in it’s official blog, has described that PUBG Corporation will be merged into KRAFTON Inc. on December 2nd, 2020. Does it mean PUBG will resume their services once again in India ?

No, it doesn’t mean that PUBG Mobile will start running in India as from 2nd December 2020. But it also doesn’t mean that there is no guarantee of PUBG Mobile’s return to India.

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In official blog, PUBG also stated, “… personal information of PUBG users will be transferred to KRAFTON Inc. in order to provide continued service.”

For users’ data protection assurance, they have added “KRAFTON Inc. will retain and use personal information only within the same scope as before and within the scope of obligations under related laws. Your valuable personal information is securely protected by technical and administrative safeguards (protection measures).”


What is KRAFTON Inc. ?

KRAFTON Inc. is the parent company, founded by Bluehole to manage itself and it’s (Bluehole’s) subsidiaries under one brand. PUBG Corporation is also one of the subsidiary of KRAFTON Inc. that was acquired by Bluehole on 2015.

Now comes the question, what will happen after the merger of PUBG Corporation into KRAFTON Inc. ?

Nothing serious will happen, PUBG Corporation will get merged into KRAFTON Inc. and KRAFTON Inc. will start managing PUBG

Apart from the merger, Indian user still have the confusion whether PUBG Mobile will return or not ?

Till now, PUBG has discussed two times about the compliance with MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology). If they had no plan about the return, they could have closed the servers for Indian IP during the PUBG Mobile app ban.

But they kept the servers running and informed users’ they are holding the rights for India after retracting the rights from Tencent.

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