NewsIs Postponing IPL A Right Move From BCCI?

Is Postponing IPL A Right Move From BCCI?

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If reports are to be believed BCCI (Board Of Control For Cricket In India) is aiming to find a window between July- September to organise the IPL. The IPL has been postponed to 15 th April seeing the Coronavirus pandemic . The decision was taken on Saturday after the meeting with respective franchise owners and IPL governing council.

Seeing the ongoing situation in the country, it’s difficult to assume whether the IPL can be organised or not. However it is believed that BCCI came up with Plan B, to see for a window between the months of July to September.

If we see the schedule of the cricketing nation Asia Cup has to be played in UAE in the month of September and England is going to host Pakistan at home before playing Ireland. As Pakistani players are not included in IPL, there are two options left for BCCI either to request Asian Cricket Council to shift the date of Asia Cup or back out from Asia Cup. Backing Out seems a difficult option because it will be a tough task because Bangladesh,Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are also a part of Asia Cup and players from these countries come to India and play for their respective franchises in IPL.

Other than the Asia Cup in September, the only series India are scheduled to play before the T20 World Cup in Australia are three ODIs and 3 T20s in Sri Lanka (June / July). BCCI needs to manage the schedule of all the nation fairly well to organise IPL. To avoid clash with Asia Cup, BCCI needs to complete the tournament within a month or half.

Losses If IPL Gets Cancelled

IPL has become a brand. It represents India Cricket. It has not only brought money but also took Indian Cricket to great heights. IPL gave an opportunity to young talents, and now lot of things ride on IPL. If IPL 13 gets cancelled the government, BCCI, the 8 franchises, the broadcaster will incur a lot of losses. The broadster of IPL has paid nearly 16000 Cr for five years, and this is the 4th year. In this 4 years the broadcaster could only manage to reach the break even point, and it was assumed that in the 4th year the broadcaster will make huge chunk of money.

The BCCI will surely pay concession money to the franchises as they are going to loose the profit ratio which they get due to footfalls of the spectators, but if the matches gets cancelled the franchises are going to lose huge amount which they generate from local sponsorship and adds. IPL gives employment to lot of people and generates a lot of income.

However no match or legue is bigger than loss of human lives. BCCI is keeping a close watch on the ongoing situation and decision will only be taken when the clear picture is available.

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