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Is oiling your hair everyday good?

Hair oiling

Hair oiling has been there since ages. It is a treatment that we have seen our mothers, grandmothers, father, grandfathers doing. Not only it nourishes our hair but also act as a protective gear. But the modern fancy products like hair pomade, clay, wax are doing more harm than good.

Hair oiling

Studies show that ancient Greek women used olive oil to condition their hair. However studies also show Hair oil was originated in India, with fierce heat high temperature and excessive evaporation of water from hair, Indian women used vegetable oil as a protective gear. Today oiling hair has become a part of our lifestyle, but certainly their are some misconceptions and myths regarding oiling our hair.

Oiling is a natural hair treatment for your hair, rather than going for chemical hair treatments like Brazilian Blowout, Keratin. Oiling helps you in nourishing your hair and makes your hair look thick and smooth. Hair oil is beneficial for the roots. When properly messaged, it permeates deep inside your scalp so that it can enter the hair cuticles & nourish the hair strands from root to tip of the hair.

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The key of messaging your scalp is to increase the blood flow which in order promotes fast hair growth. The oil also nourishes and conditions your hair which makes it look smooth and non- frizzy.

But is daily oiling good for your hair ?

Daily oiling is not at all good for your hair. Overdoing something harms more than it does good. Your scalp produces some natural oil, and if you overdo oiling there will be excessive oil in your scalp, which will make your hair look greasy and make your scalp more sensitive.

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You should always wash your hair after oiling, so it’s not recommended to shampoo your hair everyday as it will make your hair look dry and cause many harms, hence you should avoid oiling hair everyday. Allowing oil to remain on the scalp will cause itchy scalp, dandruff and many major infections.

Oil attracts a lot of dirt and dust, and for a normal person it’s impossible to stay at home all day. So it’s always advisable not to use oil on daily basis, for hygienic purposes. Oil will attract dirt, which may promote your hair fall problem. In our childhood, we all have tried to findout whether the scale we have rubbed in our hair is attracting a bit of paper. The results was always positive. So you can guess how much dirt it can attract, if you keep oil on your hair.

So the best way is oiling your hair once or twice a week. Oil your hair and keep it overnight, wake up next morning and wash off your hair. This will help you in maintaining a proper balance in your scalp.



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