LifestyleIs Ketogenic Diet Worth Trying?

Is Ketogenic Diet Worth Trying?

Ketogenic Diet

There has been a whole lot of misconceptions and myths regarding ketogenic diet, whether it results in loss of muscle mass or it can cause cancer, Ketogenic Diet results to various kinds of diseases such as cardiac arrest, kidney problems but the truth is science denies it all.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic Diet is a super low carbohydrate diet, where your carb intake should not cross 20g-40g a day and here it becomes difficult for most people because whether processed food or home cooked foods, it surely contains some amount of carbs. So if you wants to follow a ketogenic diet you need to be very specific of what you eat. People often get confused between a keto diet and a low carb diet. In a low carb diet, you restrict your carb intake but it’s not as difficult to follow as keto diet. While following a keto diet you should avoid eating processed food and completely cut off sugar from your diet.

Junk food is completely restricted in Ketogenic Diet. In a Ketogenic Diet you should make an account of every calorie that you intake.

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One of the key points that should be followed when you are on a keto is that the sugar consumption should be 0. Anything that has a bit higher sugar content should be avoided.

Science behind Keto:

The energy source of human body is carbohydrates. For the work we do running, walking, studying, playing the chief energy source responsible for this is carbohydrates.

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Body breakdown the carbohydrates into glucose and stores that glucose as glycogen in our muscles. So here comes the interesting point in a Ketogenic Diet we are cutting off the carbohydrates that means we are cutting off the fuel that body uses for energy. As we cut off the carbohydrates body can’t derive the glucose, hence it uses stored glycogen in our muscles. When the glycogen falls short here’s when the keto process begins.

For energy the body breakdown it’s fat stores knows as ketone bodies. These ketone bodies are energy fuel that does the same job of a glucose.

1g of ketones gives more energy than 1g of glucose.

Like everything Ketogenic also has some good and bad things about it. So let’s discuss about this

  • When you are on ketogenic diet one thing to remember is that you should stick to calorie deficit
  • Another noticeable change is that there will temporary loss of strength, when you are loosing your weight you will definitely loose some strength, but it’s not something that one should bother about.
  • You can’t expect to gain a lot of muscle mass when you are on keto.
  • Most people face keto flu during the days when they are parcticing the diet, but it’s not that severe. You can overcome it by doing a bit of workout.


Food that you must have during Keto


In vegetables you can have-


Avoid having cheese, paneer, potato, banana because they contain high content of carbs, which will not help you and you will be ultimately out of keto. The minimum period for which you must follow your Ketogenic Diet is 30 days and the maximum period is 2 months.

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