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Is India testing enough?

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The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world to shock. More than 210 countries are effected. People are surrendering themselves infront of this virus. The world is going through economic as well as human crisis. India is no way behind, the government of India decided a nationwide lockdown on 24th March, but the coronavirus cases got a sudden spike and now India records 9000 positive cases, with 300 deaths. Seeing the ongoing situation, it’s clearly visible that the lockdown is going to be extended, but the question of the hour, Is India benefiting from the lockdown?

According to a ICMR(Indian Council Of Medical Research) report, a total of 1,95,748 samples were tested from 1,81,028 individuals till 12th April, 2020. Maharashtra and Delhi are the most effected places in India with a confirmed cases of 1426 and 1025. In a country of 1.3 billion the number of tests conducted by India is very small in number.

Lockdown can only be beneficial, once India starts doing aggressive testing, if this doesn’t happen India will have to face some major problems in the coming days. The metropolitan cities have all the health facilities and coverage but the rural part of India is still lagging behind. Limiting tests only to the hotspot regions can cause a severe problem for the country.

ICMR has recently released an advisory note to conduct rapid testing of all influenza like illness reported from containment zones and large gatherings. However the major problem that India is facing right now is shortage of rapid testing kits and PPE( Personal Protective Equipment). India has not yet started aggressive testing yet, but ICMR has advised to start it soon.

The private authorities have not yet authorised to conduct the testing, only the government authority are allowed. Moreover Indian private laboratories are able to test on 100 to 150 rapid tests a day. The second level states that lacks major health care facilities can cause a big problem for India. The government is doing their bit but the public needs to cooperate with the government and the administration.

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