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Is cricket behind closed doors possible?

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The coronavirus has made the world go standstill. The impact and repercussion of this virus will be faced by every industry. Cricket industry is not lagging behind. Cricket generates high revenue for the countries. Seeing the current situation, it is very much visible, that the game will not resume soon. When people are locked inside the house, can cricket act as a saviour. Is cricket behind closed door possible?

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If we see the financial impact of this virus, all the Boards are going through financial crisis.  The system works properly only when, there is inflow of revenue. No matter how rich the board is, it needs to generate regular income. Not only the boards, but also the Broadcasters, sponsors and stakeholders are incurring hefty losses.

IPL with a brand value of more than $6.8 billion has suffered big loss due to Coronavirus. BCCI( Board Of Control For Cricket In India) gets nearly 400 million rupees from Star India for broadcasting anually. The stakeholders or team owners, who invested in the auction on players will also suffer big if the IPL gets cancelled.

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Specially in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia where cricket runs into the blood stream of the people, it can act as a saviour for the people during this difficult times. Fans will get something to cherish. The quality of cricket is surely to go down, the players need match fitness and form before going to the World Cup. Players can gain back their form only when they play matches.

“There are too many ifs and buts involved. More importantly, I don’t believe in sport when there is a risk to human life.” Sourav Ganguly said to TOI.

On the other hand, no match is more important than a loss of human life. If a match takes place, atleast there will be camera person, groundsmen, players, umpires and commentators. Proper precautions and practice of social distancing will be difficult to follow. The crowd play an important role in a player’s life. Crowd bring life into the stadium. A player will not play with that intensity and energy as he plays infront of the crowd.

But the biggest concern of playing behind the doors is for the touring team as there is travell restrictions, and all international airlines are closed. The respective Boards of different countries will soon look into the matter. As there is no signal when the vaccine will be out, it is not possible to completely shut down all the sports activities.

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