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‘Google’ gets heavily trolled for not making any doodle on International Men’s Day 2020

International Men's Day 2020

International Men's Day 2020Google is very popular around the world for many reasons and making doodles on special occasions is one of them. But something strange happened today as they forgot to post any doodle on International Men’s Day 2020. Their this behaviour gets heavily criticized on the internet.

Memers from everywhere around the globe shared some sarcastic memes all day long on this matter. The complaints in their memes are not illogical or irrelevant. This is a serious thing to discuss. Why do most people ignores a day meant to celebrate men? Why there’s not such craze about International Men’s Day?

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Here are some tweets that will leave you either laughing hard or will make you just more happier to be a man or will question your existence!




There are so many videos on the internet about International Men’s Day or Men in general but we would like to share two videos with you. These two videos describes men perfectly. Their struggles, their fights, their achievements and their heights, these two have talked about all of them.

The first video is from stand-up comedian Zakir Khan. He posted it last year in December but the things he said are still relevent today. Watch down here.

The second video is from ‘The Man Company’ featuring actor Ayushmann Khurrana. You might have seen it several times but we would like to make you watch it again one more time.

From several years, netizens were complaining and demanding Google to honour the Men’s Day but they haven’t received any response from them. Our intention is not to defame Google or anyone here but we are just trying to raise a question about International Men’s Day. If you find this article irrelevant, we are sorry for that.


  1. apperently, the reason why google doesnt celebrate national men’s day is because they don’t want to anger feminists. like I just fucking cant smh


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