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Instagram Ads Are Bound To Give You A Return On Investment And Here’s How.

Founded in 2010, Instagram has become a part of our daily lives. This social media platform, with its myriad benefits and features, is the holy grail for brand marketing. Every brand worth their salt wants a slice of the Instagram popularity, and the platform itself constantly strives to make it easier for brands to achieve their objectives.

On the outset, Instagram may seem like a whimsical, fun place to post our well-clicked photos, but in reality, it is a marketer’s absolute dream. The platform is a great place to find out your true target audience, create content tailor-made to grab their eyeballs, and shoot to the height of social media fame.

With a pointed social media goal plan and a well-structured content strategy, every brand can get the most out of the platform. For those who have money to spare from their marketing budgets, Instagram ads are an added bonus. When you spend money on Instagram, you are actually investing to make money advertising on Instagram.

Instagram ads sync up with Facebook Business manager, giving you easy objectives to run your ads with. They can help you find the most suitable goal for your ad campaign, which you can use to create ads for your brand, which will give you the most value for your money.

The Instagram Ad Objectives

The most common objectives for running an Instagram ad are as follows –

  • Brand awareness to let more people in your target audience know about your brand, services, and products so that they can consider engaging with or purchasing from you.
  • Reach to appear on the feeds of more people who fall into your target audience segment and leave a lasting impression of your brand on their minds.
  • Video Views to increase the number of times of your amazing video content is seen and engaged with by people in your target segment.
  • Conversions to lead people from your ad to conduct a specific action such as buy a product, donate to a crowdfunding, or sign up for a newsletter.
  • App Installs to get the target audience to engage with you and download your brand’s app into their phone or to convince them to migrate from a website-first approach to app-first.
  • Lead Generation to gather data about your target audience such as their demography, address, email IDs, and phone numbers for future outreach and conversations with the brand or to build a database of potential customers.
  • Traffic to increase website visits and pageviews on your brand’s website and to redirect your audience to check out your brand’s complete product or service proposition.

You have understood how you can reach out to your audience with the objective that will most likely benefit your brand. Now, it is your time to find out how to maximize the return on investment and how to measure the same.

Remarket And Gain Followers

From your personal experience as a user with Instagram ads, you can easily determine two distinct reactions to viewing an ad – scrolling past it or getting annoyed with the sudden ad appearing on your feed and engaging with it or buying the product that’s sponsored. Either way, it is unlikely that you followed the brand.

This is a problem that most brands face. While the potential target audience engages with them or buys their products, they often end up not following the page. As a result of this, they are unable to see their future offerings, promotions, or launches.Instagram

The goal of your remarketing to these people is to get them to follow your brand. How you can do it is as simple as running an ad. There are many people who engage with your posts, and a little individual attention from you to these people can get them interested in your work and lead them to follow you back.

You can drop them a DM, reply to their comments, or simply just like their comments. This little personal attention goes on to show them that you care about your audience as a brand. While this does not give you a 100% follow-back guarantee, it will convert a sizeable number of potential followers to real followers.

Track Your Influencer Marketing Posts

Influencers are your golden hens. They are the most perfect people on Instagram to engage with in order to gain traction, followers, and become a brand that top of the list for consideration among your followers.

However, how do you know that an influencer you have worked with has given you the results that you were expecting from them? There is an easy hack to find out!

Give every influencer a unique link to put on their bio or on their swipe up stories. By doing this, you will not be tracking consolidated data about how much traffic was redirected from all the influencers, but you can check how much each influencer contributed to this campaign.

It is easy to track these links on Google Analytics and Facebook ads if you simply structure your links in the following syntax –[email protected]

Optimize your Audience

To get the most out of your audience, you must be able to slot them and create separate audience targeting in your Facebook Ads Manager. Once you have created these specific audiences, you can run your Instagram ads for these particular set of audiences.

By running the same ad for different target audiences, you will be able to figure out which groups give you the most favorable results and, in turn, invest more money in them. This would ensure that using the same ad, you are making the most out of the investments that you are making.

Of course, the ad itself has to be very interesting, and hence, you can use an easy video maker to create innovative ad films for your brand and then use them to create visibility among your audience.


Instagram ads are a great investment for any business whose primary target audience is an avid user of the platform. They are inexpensive and provide detailed statistics and analyses to understand what works for the audience and what doesn’t.

Therefore, by using the right strategies like remarketing, selecting the right influencers, and optimizing your audience, you can easily get the best return of your investment in Instagram ads.

Aditya Raj
Writer & Co-founder of InfotOnline.

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