NewsInstagram Added Direct Messages to Web Now

Instagram Added Direct Messages to Web Now

Instagram DM on Web

Instagram is continuously gaining the popularity as well as number of users. And this made the developers to avail Direct Messages in web. However, company has started testing this feature on February, 2019 and then this feature got available to selected users this January.

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Now, it’s almost available to all users. Now, users won’t only get the option to follow-unfollow, like the post and upload pictures/videos rather they will have the direct access to DMs in website also. Now, it won’t be much important to move to Smartphone for using the DM feature if it will be available in desktop through web browser.

Check Instagram DMs Available or Not in Your Desktop

Step 1 : Open in your web browser.

Step 2 : Login with Facebook or Login using Instagram username/Email/Phone Number and Password.

Step 3 : Check your browser’s top part. If there is a paper-like plane symbol right after the home button, it means you have got the DM feature in your account. If it’s not there then wait for the feature to be there in your account.

Instagram is also adding new stickers, keeping CoronaVirus on view. Few of them are Stay Home Sticker and Thank Your Hour Sticker. These stickers are for specific causes.

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