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#indiawantsperman Trends on Twitter, Users Signing Petition on

Pic Credit : Wallpaper Cave
#indiawantsperman Trends on Twitter
Pic Credit : Wallpaper Cave

Thursday morning 2nd July 2020, Twitter users seen #indiawantsperman on trending section of Twitter India. As because hash tag contains a lot of letters without any capital letter, most of the users were not able to understand the hashtag. But memers have done their work and people got to know that hash tag is for the cartoon “Perman“.

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Why #indiawantsperman trends on Twitter ?

Mostly, hash tag is used by the Indians who wants to get a movie on Perman, dubbed in Hindi. According to them, cartoons like Shinchan and Doraemon has brought movies in India and so Perman should do the same.

Cartoon films on Shinchan and Doraemon are available to Indian users in lots of language. But there is not a single movie on famous cartoon Perman. Alongwith the demand for movie, Indians are asking for new episodes as well.

A petition has been created for the demand of Perman movie, on Petition has been created with the heading “Demand for Perman Movie in Hindi( Pa-Pa-Pa the Movie: Perman). Petition mentions that lots of people love to watch Perman in India, and their episodes are made in Hindi by Hungama TV and Disney channel but there isn’t a single movie on Perman. That’s why they requests the channel to release a Perman movie.

Till now, 10000+ users have signed the petition on



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