NewsNationalIndians pour wishes to Taiwnese citizens on Taiwan National Day, #TaiwanNationalDay trends...

Indians pour wishes to Taiwnese citizens on Taiwan National Day, #TaiwanNationalDay trends on Twitter

Indian wishes Taiwan National Day

On the auspicious occasion of Taiwan National Day, a large number of Indians congratulates Taiwan and Taiwanese people on twitter.

After the end of Chinese Civil war, the governments of Republic of China lost control over the mainland of China which is now referred as People’s Republic of China and retreat to the island of Taiwan in 1949.

Remembering the day, Taiwanese celebrates the National Day on all ROC-controlled territory

In order to wish ROC citizens, Indian users trend hashtag like #TaiwanNationalDay and #TaiwanIsNotChina on twitter to congratulate Taiwanese citizens on Taiwan National Day.

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This amazing response by Indian users came after China tried to threaten Indian media not to cover Taiwan National Day.

China’s attempt to restrict Indian press on free speech encouraged Indian media to give a befitting reply to Chinese Embassy in India.

Congratulating Taiwanese on Taiwan National Day, hundreds of posters cropped outside the Embassy of China in New Delhi. Posters put by India’s ruling party BJP MLA Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga.

However the Indian government follow the so called ‘One China Policy’ of China, which means Taiwan is not a sovereign country, rather an integral part of People’s Republic of China.

Indians also come in support of Taiwan because India and Republic of China Taiwan shares a common belief of Democracy. Both countries respect free speech and citizens have the right to elect their leaders.

Unlike Taiwan, the People’s Republic of China has a repressive regime. Their citizens didn’t enjoy free speech or they have no rights to speak anything against Communist Party of China.

In present both the democratic is facing threat by Authoritarian China on borders.

On reacting to all these warm wishes by Indian, “Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign affairs said yesterday, So many friends from India are ready to join in celebrating Taiwan National Day. Our hearts are touched in Taiwan by this wonderful support. Thank you! When I say I like India, I really mean it. “Get Lost” Minister JW.”

Taiwanese MP Wang Ting-Yu also thanks Indian on kind wishes on Taiwan National Day.

Congratulating to Taiwan a Indian User Jeetu Choudhary tweeted, “India is the largest democratic Nation and it is our responsibility to protect democratic rights of Taiwanese Peoples.”

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