DefenceIndian Army plans to scrap deal of 93,000 carbines from UAE, hopes...

Indian Army plans to scrap deal of 93,000 carbines from UAE, hopes for indigenous companies ?

Indian army to scrap deal for carbines
Photo:- Caracal International

Indian Army plans to scrap the deal of procurement of 93,895 CAR 816 close quarter carbines from the United Arab Emirates government owned company Caracal International LLC, as reported by The Print.

In 2017, Indian Army decided to opt for Fast Track Procurement (FTP) of 93,895 new carbines for armed forces as a replacement for the ageing 9 mm British Sterling 1A1 SMG.

A UAE firm, Caracal International, finished as ‘L-1’ or the lowest bidder in September 2018 for the contract, however things doesn’t goes as expected.

Its been 2 years now but Caracal International didn’t received the order for 93 thousands carbines which was meant to be fast track.

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Currently Indian Army has a requirement of over 3.5 lakh new close quarter carbines.

it is still unclear if the government’s emphasis on Aatmnirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) in recent months has contributed to a rethink.

Though scrapping this deal is surely a sign of relief for indigenous private companies like SSS Defence who developed small arms for armed forces and in hope that Indian Army will give them a chance.


SSS Defence P-72 Recon Carbine available in the 7.62×39 mm and 5.56 x 45 mm. The design has stripped away any excess weight for fast-handling. It offers free floating barrel, Shorter piston system to accommodate short barrel and a retractable stock.

SSS Defence P-72 Recon Carbine surely can fill the Army requirements, if it pass in trials.

One of the most important benifit that SSS defence can give over Caracal International is SSS Defence weapons can easily be modified on Army demand as it a indigenous weapon.

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