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India & UK government are close to an agreement to co-create a new jet engine that can power AMCA

Rolls Royce EJ200
Photo:- Rolls Royce
Photo:- Rolls Royce

The agreement between India and UK government to create a new jet engine in India is likely to conclude soon. Louise Donaghey Senior Vice President – India and South Asia at Rolls-Royce informed about this news during India Global Week 2020.

We are planning to change the game, close to an agreement between two governments to co-create a new jet engine, India will get the IP (Intellectual property). “The vision of Rolls-Royce for India,” said Louise Donaghey.

The agreement will finalize under government to government deal. As of now it has not been decided that which companies from India will select under this agreement to create a new jet engine, but GTRE (Gas Turbine Research Establishment) and DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) will definitely going to play their role in development.

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Since India scrap Kaveri engine project, government is looking for a foreign partner to develop a jet engine in a joint venture to power our upcoming fighter jets. From February, India is in talk with UK government and Rolls-Royce for a Joint Venture to develop a jet engine in India that can produce an after burner thrust of 110 KN.

If everything go by plan than this 110 KN engine will power India’s most ambitious, Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft project AMCA (Advance Medium Combat Aircraft) and possibly can power Tejas MK II (not in initial aircraft).

Both India and the UK in 2017 had agreed to cooperate in the development of advanced defence projects including the gas turbine engine and air defence missile systems. Also there is a collaborative project between engine maker Rolls Royce and Defence Research and Development Organisation on jet engine technology.

Rolls-Royce has a good hand in hot core technique of jet engines where India was continuously failing with Kaveri engine. Currently Euro Fighter Typhoon is powered with Rolls Royce EJ200 engines which has a wet thrust of 90 KN.



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