ScienceIndia records the lowest aerosol level in past 20 years says NASA

India records the lowest aerosol level in past 20 years says NASA

AerosolAs people are locked inside the house, the earth is getting time to heal. In the past few years increase in the level of aerosol or air pollution in North India was one of the growing concern. But the recent satellite data published by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) depicts a completely different picture.

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The data recorded by the space agency showed that India’s aerosol level has hit 20 years low and the main cause of it is lockdown across the nation. Pawan Gupta University Space Research Organisation at NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre said, “We knew we would see changes in atmospheric composition in many places during the lockdown”. He further added, “But I have never seen Aerosol level so low in Indo-Gangetic plain at this time of the year.

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What are Aerosols ?

Aerosols are solid tiny and little particles suspended in the air that reduce visibility and can damage your lungs and heart. The human activities contribute to increase in aerosols level. The emissions left by the motor vehicles, industrial work, and all kinds of air pollution increases the level of aerosols. Aerosols can be natural also because of dust storm etc.

The data has been measured through aerosols optical depth in 2020 and has been compared to average of 2016-2019. Aerosols Optical Depth is how light is absorbed or reflected by airborne particles as it travels through the atmosphere. An optical depth of 1 or about depicts very hazy conditions and an optical depth less than 0.1 depicts “clean”.

Although there was a rise in the level of aerosols in the southern part of India, and the reasons are unknown.

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