Defence What's the aftermath of India-China defence ministers meeting over Ladakh confrontation ?

What’s the aftermath of India-China defence ministers meeting over Ladakh confrontation ?

Rajnath Singh, Result of India China Defence Minister meetingYesterday Defence Ministers of India & China held first high level political meeting on ongoing military confrontation in Ladakh on the sideline of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in Moscow.

The meeting between RM Rajnath Singh and Chinese Defence Minister, General Wei Fenghe lasted for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Still the outcome of meeting is unclear. There is no press release from Indian Defence Ministry, though Chinese releases a press release and said responsibility lies entirely with India.

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Wei Fenghe said that relations between the two countries and the two militaries have been severely affected by the border issue in yesterday’s meeting.

“The cause and truth of the current tension on the border between China and India are very clear, and the responsibility lies entirely with India,” Chinese Defence Minister added.

Through above statements, it seems that the Chinese Defense Minister wants to blame India for military confrontation in Ladakh, though the whole world knows Chinese troops is behind the tension escalation.

If we see the pictures of Rajnath Singh which came out from the meeting, the photographs speak much about the outcome of meeting.

Rajnath Singh hand gestures in India China meetingIn this photo, RM Rajnath Singh’s hand gesture seems to convey that he is simply not happy with the behaviour of Chinese side.

From the above arguments i can say that, yesterday’s Meeting of Both Defence Ministers is inconclusive. India is simply not happy with Chinese behaviour and China wants to take back those Positions (Lost on 20-30 August at LAC) at any cost.

Various users on Twitter also reacted on the meeting.

A twitter user named as Wolfpack said, “Today’s meeting of Rajnath Singh with Chinese minister might end up like Pak foreign minister’s visit to India on Jun 12, 1999 in the midst of Kargil war (Didn’t lead to absolutely any thing).”


Famous journalist Aditya Raj Kaul shared a meme as the photographs of meeting started rolling out in internet.

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