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ICMR & Bharat Biotech plans to release Covid-19 vaccine trial by August 15


ICMR and Bharat Biotech are planning to release the result of Clinical trial of Covid-19 vaccine latest by August 15.

According to latest report DG Balram Bharagava of ICMR has written a letter to Bharat Biotech and principal investigator of all the medical colleges who are busy in trial procedure of Covid-19 vaccine, requesting to fast track the method so that the result of the trial can be released latest by August 15.

The letter content, “This is the first indigenous vaccine being developed by India and is one of the top priority projects which is being monitored at the topmost level of government. The vaccine is derived from a strain of SARS-CoV-2 isolated by ICMR- National institute of virology. ICMR and BBIL are jointly working for preclinical as well as clinical development of this vaccine”.

Vaccine named Covaxin has been developed on Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech in collaboration with ICMR and National Institute Of Virology. The vaccine is being closely looked by all the researcher working on the project.

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With increase in Covid-19 cases in India as well as across the globe, the launch of Covid-19 vaccine is the top most priority of the Government and the organisation. 12 Institutes have been asked to fast track the method and Government is keeping a close watch on them.

However the vaccine will not be available for public use by August 15, but if the trials show a positive result, the country and the world will have a way to fight with the virus.

If India becomes successful in launching the Covid-19 vaccine, it would be historic moment for the country which would be beneficial for mankind.

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