NewsSportsICC T20 World Cup likely to get postponed to 2022

ICC T20 World Cup likely to get postponed to 2022

According to ANI Report, the ICC T20 World Cup, that was scheduled to take place in Australia from October is likely to get postponed to 2022.


The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to go on a halt. With rapid increase in number of Coronavirus cases, it seems that tough times are ahead. With 56,89,212 cases and 3,52,294 deaths it doesn’t seem normalcy will return soon. The world has gone on a lockdown. The Covid-19 virus had a bad impact on sports industry. All the major league including Olympics has been postponed.

Now if sources are to be believed the ICC T20 World Cup is also on the verge of getting postponed to 2022. Although the number of Coronavirus cases in Australia where the T20World Cup was scheduled to take place has rapidly gone down, but in the rest of world it is creating havoc.

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England and Wales Cricket Board has taken a step forward by inviting West Indies and Pakistan for a home tour in July. Reacting to this decision former Indian Batsman Rahul Dravid said, “It is a bit unrealistic to have things at the level, the ECB is talking about. Obviously, the ECB is very keen to conduct these series because they have had no other cricket”. He further added, “Even if they are potentially able to create a bubble and manage it in that way, I think it will be impossible for everyone to do it with the kind of calendar that we have, with the travelling that you do on tours and the number of people involved”.

If T20 World Cup takes place, their will be some big challenges that the government and Boards have to face. World Cup without crowd is nearly impossible. The fans wait for the whole year for this single moment. A big part of ICC’s revenue comes from the footfalls. ICC can’t afford to lose that revenue and organise matches behind closed doors.

The players safety matters a lot. With no available information about when the ongoing pandemic will get over, it is realistically not practical. The travelling, to ensure that social distancing measures is being practiced, all the safety precautions are being taken is a very difficult task for the authorities as well as players.

On the other hand BCCI and IPL Governing Committee has postponed IPL indefinitely. BCCI has made it very clear that no sports is bigger than a human life. Seeing the ongoing condition in India and steep rise in number of Coronavirus cases, currently organising IPL is impossible.

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