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Hrithik Roshan thanked Bhuvan Bam, Titu Talks Ep-3 is definitely making a difference

Hrithik Roshan thanked Bhuvan Bam

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan shared Bhuvan Bam’s latest video Titu Talks Ep-3 on his Twitter. He also thanked Bhuvan for making this video.Hrithik Roshan thanked Bhuvan Bam

2 days ago, YouTuber and Comedian Bhuvan Bam published his new video titled, Titu Talks-Episode 3 ft. Lifelines of Society. Titu Talks is Bhuvan’s own made talk show where he invite guests and have a chat with them. The talk show hosted by Bhuvan’s on-screen character “Titu Mama”.

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Earlier in the talk show, we had seen Bollywood’s King Khan, Mr. Shahrukh Khan in the first episode which released back in 2018. Then Bhuvan travelled all the way to the USA, to make the second episode with famous Adult film actor, Johnny Sins. This segment of his channel has become very popular. The expectations with the talk show went pretty high. Everyone was been asking for the third episode from a year.

Finally the third episode of Titu Talks arrived and it just shook the internet. No one has expected this. Instead of comedy, Bhuvan choosed to make a video showing the problems faced by our society’s lifelines, our daily wage workers. In the video, he was seen talking to a poor middle class working couple, farmers, transgenders and milkmans.

He discussed about what problems they are facing and how they are living with these. The video was quite emotional and hard to watch. Bhuvan used his platform and his position to spread the needed awareness among the youths. The video was liked by millions. Social medias were all covered up his video.

Today, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan even shared the video on Twitter handle and thanked Bhuvan for making this heartwarming video.

He urged all the viewers, whoever watching the video to share it as much as possible. He pledged that whatever money that he will generate from the video, he will share of all of that to verified sources, who will help the people in need.



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