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3 Easy Steps To Take Better Landscape Photos

Photography has evolved a lot in the past decade. Now such smartphones have arrived which can take kind of similar photos as compared to any DSLR. There are people who love to take portraits, then there are people who do like to capture beautiful landscapes. But not every landscape photo is a mind-blowing one, remember that.

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Look, landscape photography is connected to nature. All you need to understand is where, when, what and how to take. Even if you are an amateur photographer and has just started learning don’t worry, you still can take banger photos with these three easy steps.

If you are taking photos during daytime, Sun is the best source of light. But there’s a problem with that. As the Sun goes up, the lighting become harsh. It comes on top of your subject taking away the depth from it. Some prefer that type of photos also but there’s a way to make them even better.

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TRICK: Always try to take photos before noon or after it. This way you can get good colours and depth from your landscape.

After lighting, the other important step is to find a good composition. Composition in simple word, is the picture showing in your camera screen/viewfinder. Composition will decide what will come in the output after clicking the shutter button.Settings

i) When taking a landscape always remember to capture in 16:9 to get wider field of view. Or just tilt your camera sideways to get better perspective.
ii) Enable the Grid from your camera settings.
iii) To make your landscape photos stand out, try to create a frame where your main focusing subject will be in the middle.

Even after doing all the above tricks, if you are not getting a good photo just do this.

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TRICK: Place something or someone in the foreground. A Human, a car or any subject will be amazing. This will make the photo come alive.

There are much more steps through which you can take some really good landscape photos. But for anyone who is in a hurry can simply apply these steps and can take bangers.

Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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