TechHow to order a custom Mac in India from Apple Store ?

How to order a custom Mac in India from Apple Store ?

How to order custom mac in India

Recently, Apple announced and launched the online Apple Store Online in India. This launch brings a wider smile on the face of Apple lovers in India. Dedicated stores of brands offer better deals, better options and much more. When dedicated stores goes online, it becomes beneficial to more users. Users are free to order custom Mac in India now.

Online Apple Store of India has brought more option for users. Now, users can order custom Mac in India which was quite impossible before this launch. Users were needed to adjust with specs that were offered by Apple. But now Indian users can order custom MacBook, custom iMac and much more, directly from Apple Store Online.

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How to order custom Mac in India from Apple Store ?

Upgrading iMac and MacBook can be difficult because of Apple’s ecosystem. Other brands allows user to upgrade their NoteBooks, Laptops using general accessories (2.5″ SSD/ m.2 SSD/RAM) but Apple restrict the customers here. Macbook, iMac customers are needed to order their product with higher specification at beginning or take their devices to authorized Apple Stores for upgrades. Earlier Indian users had no option to get the iMac and MacBook with higher specs. But now they can do that by following the mentioned steps :

Step 1 : Open Apple Store Online in any browser.

Step 2 : Scroll down and find Configure to Order. Click on Learn more > under Configure to Order box.

Step 3 : Click on Shop Mac > and you will be directed to Mac – Apple (IN) page.

Users can skip the above 3 steps by opening

Step 4 : Various devices will appear below Categories Menu( containing Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, TV, Music, Support, Search icon, Cart icon). Choose the product you want to customize for order.

Step 5 : After choosing the iMac you will be directed to the Overview page of chosen product (Step 4). Click on Buy > Select the Model (Few devices won’t have the model page and will be directed directly to the Order page.

Step 6 : After selecting the model (if device has different models), you will have order page opened in your browser. Start choosing the specifications (Processor, Memory, Graphics, Storage, Mouse or Trackpad, Keyboards, Pre-installed software) you want to have in your custom iMac.

Step 7 : Click on Add to Bag (positioned in footer). If you don’t see Add to Bag then open the webpage in Desktop Mode.

Step 8 : If you are interested in other accessories/service then you can choose there by clicking on Add to Bag. Now, click on Review Bag.

Custom iMac from Apple Store India
Custom iMac Pro with 256 GB RAM, 4 TB SSD

Step 9 : If you want to add any gift message, you can do that by clicking on Add (on right of Add a gift message). You can check the delivery option for your location by entering the PIN code section. Now, click on Check Out.

Step 10 : New users of Apple Store will get two options after Check Out, i.e., Sign in option (for Returning Customers) and Guest Checkout (for new users). Returning users will have to Sign in using Apple ID and Password and Guest users will have to click on Continue as Guest.

Step 11 : Delivery methods will be shown, choose as per your choice. Enter your PIN Code in Delivers to: section if you haven’t done that in Step 9. Click on Continue to Shipping Address.

Step 12 : Now, you are needed to enter the details where you want your product to be delivered and the name of person whom this product will be delivered. Email Address and Mobile Phone Number will be asked as contact information. If you want to share delivery updates with someone else, you can do that too (by entering their email address after clicking on Enter an email address).

Step 13 : What you are needed to do now, is to click on Continue to Payment button. Now, enter the payment details by choosing the payment method. And you’ve successfully ordered a custom mac in India.

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