NewsHas Indian hacker really hacked Pakistani channel Dawn and displayed Indian flag...

Has Indian hacker really hacked Pakistani channel Dawn and displayed Indian flag ?

Dawn Channel

Yesterday at 3:27 PM one of Pakistan’s leading News Channel Dawn by mistake telecasted the Indian tricolour and a message ‘Happy Independence Day’ in the channel.

The Indian flag was appeared during an advertisement of Dettol that was being broadcasted on the channel.

The incident quickly went viral around various social media platforms and many of them started believing that some Indian hacker may have hacked the Dawn channel and then surface the message.

But is it possible to hack any Television or News channel ?

The answer is no, it is not possible for any hacker to hack any Television channel as of now. A television channel runs on a internal network.

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All channels that run on a Cable & Satellite network isn’t connected to internet and runs on a private network which makes it impossible to get hacked.

The satellite broadcast signals is encrypted to prevent any unauthorized people from listening in, so you can’t replace the official uplink with your own.

Whatever happened to Dawn channel yesterday was their internal flaw. They mistakenly telecasted Indian flag and a independence day message.

Dawn has launched an official investigation into the matter and released a statement on the incident that the viewers would be informed as soon as the investigation was concluded.

Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj
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