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Harsh Beniwal and several other YouTubers visits Baba Ka Dhaba, urges their fans to also come


In just a day of the video going viral, several social media content creators and Youtubers visited the Baba Ka Dhaba in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi to taste the delicious food served by the elderly couple. Harsh Beniwal is one of the first big YouTuber from Delhi to led his support to the couple.

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Harsh Beniwal posted about his visit to the Dhaba on his social media handles. He also urges his followers to come visit and buy food from the Dhaba or donate something to them. He thanked Gaurav Wasan for creating that viral video, which encouraged him and others to do so.

Another YouTuber and content creator from New Delhi, Love Rudrakash also visited the Dhaba and did an exclusive interview with the couple. In the video, the 80 year old couple shared their full story and history of shop. You can watch that video down here.

But as the big names of the city are urging their followers to visit this place, the crowd at the Dhaba is increasing heavily. Recent videos from the Dhaba are showing a lot of people gathering there, forgetting to maintain social distancing. This careless behaviour of the public may lead to serious problems.

As you already know that the couple are around 80 years old, the risk of them contracting the virus is high and after coming in contact with so many individuals in the 24 hours, it will obviously double up. It is understandable that people want to help but what if they end up doing something bad unknowingly.

One more thing is that, in the videos we can see the couple are wearing cloth masks and they don’t have a pair of gloves to protect themselves properly. So, if anyone is willing to donate anything to them, do it by purchasing them good quality masks & gloves.



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