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Happy labour Day: Labourers are not survivors, but saviours

Labour Day
Pic Credit- Human resource online
Labour Day
Pic Credit- Human resource online

Today we celebrate Labour Day. Labourers are not the survivors but saviours, they help us keep going.The house we are living in, the food we are eating. Our existence completely depends on them. India is known to be labour country and during these unprecedented times, our saviours are facing a lot difficulties.

With each passing day, the level of difficulty faced by them is constantly increasing. From villages the labourers migrate to big cities, to earn a living for their family. More than 120 million are estimated to migrate from rural areas to urban areas for livelihood. The construction sector labours more than ( 40 million) people, domestic work (20 million), textile (11 million), brick kiln (10 million).

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But this global pandemic is resulting to disastrous effect on the labourers. Due to lockdown, the migrant labourers have stuck in the big cities. They don’t have proper roof to stay, food to eat. The labourers are daily earners. The Coronavirus caused businesses to shutdown. As there is no work, the labourers are out of work.

The labourers are in the middle of ocean with no proper means. The labourers are demanding for bus service so that they can see the face of their family members back in villages. The government is doing their bit, but when the demand was not fulfilled they started walking barefoot to their villages 1500-1600 KM away.

There are more than 40 million migrant labourer in the country, and sending them back to villages can cause the spread of the virus, which makes the task difficult for the government. The biggest concern is, their are many labourers who are single earners of the family, and back in home they haveĀ  their old parents, wife and children to look after. 80% of migrant labourers fear that they will run out of food very soon.

The Indian Government had announced 1.7 lakh Crore ($23 billion) package for migrant labourers. While the state government have announced their own initiative and are providing rations for the migrant labourers. But seeing the number its not enough. All the big private players have come forward during these difficult time. Now it’s time for us to stand by them, who saved us.



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