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Happy Birthday Jin, Best moments of Jin


Happy Birthday Jin

K-Pop star and the member of BTS group Jin today turned 28 and it’s a celebration for Army. People are pouring all the love, wishes and prayers for their favourite idol on twitter. The most handsome man is ruling the hearts of millions of girls all over the globe.

Not only by his looks, but his talent and dedication towards his own craft has made him an inspiring figure to all the people who aspire to become something and chase their dreams.

Here are best moments of Jin:

Mr Worldwide Handsome:

It’s not hidden from anyone that everyone’s favourite Jin is Mr Handsome and one must say he holds this title very proudly and loves when people scream Mr. Handsome. At many instances it is seen how Jin tells his mates, “I’m handsome” and when camera rolls to his face he requests his cameraman not to show his clog pores in the skin as fans will feel bad.

In a live event when the cameraman asks the star about what to capture, he replies wittily, “Nothing, you can just capture my Handsome face”. We believe you Jin.

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Jin in angry mode is a visual delight

BTS member in angry mode is a rare sight, but when Jin becomes angry it make things funny. During a live session, Jin asked the fans to have the meal but a member took a jibe and said how can they have it from camera ? This triggered Jin and he started scolding Jimin of not knowing anything about live broadcast. He said, “Have you never seen a live broadcast. Look at this it’s so delicious, this is a typical comment”. The funny banter between Jin and his mates is worth watching. Seeing Jin in angry mode made every member silent.

Jin is the funniest:

Many think Jin as a silent guy in the group but do you know he is the most cheerful and witty member. During an interview once the interviewer asked Jin about his Hollywood crush and he unknowingly replied ‘Brad Pitt‘. This answer left everyone shock.

Jin likes to flirt with Girls:

Like every other boy, Jin likes to flirt with girls. However to impress a girl, Jin don’t need to put extra efforts. His mere presence in the room can make every girl die for him. In an interview when a girl asked Jin about his skin he replied, “My skin is very good, you want to touch it”. Jin is also very respectful towards girls. This was witnessed when he apologized to the actress after filming a scene from the mv, where he had to push the girl.

Twitter is flooded with birthday wishes for Jin. Here are few of them:

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