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Happy Birthday Akshay Kumar, 3 life lessons that the actor taught us


Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is not just a name, but a true representation of what a man can achieve, if he has passion, dedication and true work ethics. Today the actor has turned 53 and the entire world is celebrating his legacy.

In a career reigning over 29 years, the actor has entertained us thoroughly. Akshay taught us how to live every moment of life, yet be discipline. Never had anyone imagined that a young boy with some good looks and great action skills will be one of India’s most loved star.

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Twitter is flooded with birthday messages, his fans want to cherish all these moment. Akshay Kumar in all these years made us laugh, cry and sometimes angry. His unmatchable energy and passion for cinema has made him to reach a place, where everyone aspires to be.

Akshay has been people’s favourites since decades, there are very few stars who have this kind of connection with their fans. Akshay appeals to 8 years old as well as a 60 years old. Akshay Kumar has been an inspiration for every aspiring actor. But what really Akshay stands for is the way he inspire others through his actions. Here we will look at 3 life lessons that the actor taught us in all these years.

3 life lessons:

Never shy away from social responsibility:

Akshay Kumar, a heartbeat of millions of heart. Not only as an actor, but also as a human Akshay has been audience and country’s favourite. Whenever the country is in need, there is one man standing and that’s ‘Akshay Kumar’. Akshay’s uncountable philanthropic works have helped to fill many stomachs.

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During the Coronavirus pandemic, Akshay came forward and donated 25 Crore to PM Cares fund. After Pulwama Attack, Akshay donated 15 Lakhs each to families of soldiers who lost their lives. Moreover he started, Bharat Ke Veer app to help the families and further donated 5 Crore. This is just few of his good works, there are many more like coming forward for Acid Attack Survivers, Standing up for transgenders, helping people during floods and many more.

Never Give Up attitude:

Akshay during his long career saw many ups and downs, but he stood like a rock. Akshay Kumar stands for his ‘Never Give Up’ attitude. He taught us when failure comes you need battle more hard rather than giving up. Today, Akshay Kumar’s presence in a film makes it a box office hit, but once Akshay delivered 16 consecutive flops. Talking about this Akshay said, “I’m thankful to those time, that was a learning curve for me, I want to say every youngsters failure will knock your door, but have a sportsmanship and never give up attitude. Martial arts helped me a lot. I’ve seen darkest of the times, but things went all right”. This attitude has made Akshay the star he is today.

Akshay didn’t gave up at that time and
Today Akshay Kumar is box-office King. Every year he delivers 2-3 Box-office hits and it’s all because of his hardwork and passion.

Professionalism and Work ethics:

When you are an actor, people expect you to be different and lack of professionalism, but Akshay Kumar has broke all those stereotypes. Akshay leads a very discipline life. He doesn’t attend parties, wakes up in the morning and is very much punctual. Many times directly and producers have said, “Akshay comes on the set even before the spotboys”. This shows importance of work ethics in Akshay Kumar’s life.

Akshay Kumar once said in an interview, “Discipline was inculcated within every individual. Afraid of missing our lessons, we tried our best to reach school on time. So why can’t we follow the same pattern of being disciplined in our professional field too,” Akshay discipline can be proved by the fact that when other actors take 1-2 years for a film, Akshay delivers 6 Blockbusters during that span.
Akshay Kumar has a great respect for time and he expects the same from others.

Akshay Kumar has inspired a complete generation, and is set to entertain us for more 100 years. The epitome of success with so much chivalry and humbleness makes Akshay Kumar the star he is today.

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