News International Good News: Global Coronavirus recovered cases crossed 5 Lakh

Good News: Global Coronavirus recovered cases crossed 5 Lakh

Coronavirus recovered case crossed 5 lakh

In the time when Coronavirus cases in the world crossed 2 Million, people’s are Lockdown in their homes, there is a stats which needs to seek your attention in this hard time. 5 Lakh patients in the world has recovered from this highly contagious virus.

As of now the total death toll is 134,685 in the world and 1,437,886 active cases around the globe.

Covid-19 disease which was originally originated from China in November 2019 and now nearly every country in the world has infected from this highly contagious disease.

USA is the most infected country in the world with 567,086 active cases and 28,579 total death while 48,708 total recovered case in US. Surprisingly Coronavirus in USA spreads 7 times more than its origin country China.

Coronavirus cases in Europe close to touch 1 Million mark. Europe Covid-19 cases. tally 971,334 with 88,336 death and 262,645 recovered case.

Spain is the most contagious in the Europe with 180,659 infected case, while in terms of active case Spain stand at third position in Europe (As of 16 April 2020).

Followed by Italy with 165,155 total case and 105,418 active cases, followed by France with 147,863 total case and 99,741 active case.

In Aisa, China is the most infected country with 82,341 total case but with just 1,107 active cases. Turkey has the most active coronavirus patients in Asia with 62,200 case, followed by Iran with 21,679.

As of now India hold third position in term of active cases. India has 10,520 active patients, followed by Israel with 9,827 active case.

Although the whole world is in Lockdown because of this contagious disease but in recent times many countries had experienced depression in terms of new Coronavirus cases everyday.

Aditya Raj
Writer & Co-founder of InfotOnline.

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