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Global Coronovirus cases crosses 6 Million, May 29 registered the most no. of new cases


Global Coronavirus casesGlobal Coronavirus cases crossed the 6 Million mark on May 29. Right now the tally stands at 6,033,754 with 366,890 deaths and 2,661,120 recoveries. 125,511 new cases were registered on May 29, which is “the current highest number of new cases in a day”.

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India also recorded their highest number of new cases on May 29. A total of 8,105 new cases were registered yesterday across the country. Not just that but the death rate by Coronavirus on May 29 also reached its peak. 269 people lost their battle with the virus. India’s ranking on the world table reaches the 9th spot now with 173,763 cases. India is now the most affected Asian country by Coronavirus followed by Turkey with 162,120 cases and Iran with 146,668 cases.

China had not registered a single new case in over a month now. The total number of cases in China stands at 82,999 with 4,634 deaths and 78,302 recoveries. There are only 63 active cases in the whole nation currently. Soon it will be declared as a “Coronovirus free country”.

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India’s current condition with comparison to China is quite struggling, but there’s a good news here also. The recovery rate in India is currently 94.32% with a total recoveries of 82,627. About 11,707 people got recovered from the virus in India yesterday. Every country in the world is trying their best in recovering from this pandemic. Let’s pray for the good together.



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