News#girlslockerroom Trending in India | Accusers of #boyslockerroom Involvement

#girlslockerroom Trending in India | Accusers of #boyslockerroom Involvement

#girlslockerroom Scandal Busted in Social Media

Yesterday, Twitter trend continuously kept highlighting #boyslockerroom and it’s still in trending section. But trending section got a new trend of #girlslockerroom. This hash tag is not trending in support of #boyslockerroom, it has positioned itself in trending because it is similar to BoysLockerRoom case.

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Users who had accused the BoysLockerRoom group members for giving rape threats to girls are alleged to be involved in #girlslockerroom case. The thing is that no one is supporting or opposing the victims/culprits on the basis of gender, they are posting their messages as a civil human being.

How #girlslockerroom Appeared in Trending Section ?

Group of people who has brought the Boys Locker Room forward as accusers are being told to be involved in Girls Locker Room case.

In #boyslockerroom case, there was the existence of Boys Locker Room group in different social media(according to users). But there is no existence of Girls Locker Room group in this case, this group has different name. But this case got the name of Girls Locker Room because it is much similar and linked to the #boyslockerroom.

Members of this group were involved in sharing of picture without their permission. After sharing the picture, they used to talk about the physical appearance and do the body ashaming. They hit the boys with some inappropriate messages and when these boys didn’t reply, they used to be judged as Homosexual.

Update of #boyslockerroom

Swati Maliwal is the chairperson of DCW (Delhi Commission for Women), she has given her statement on BoysLockerRoom case in TIMES NOW.

People are demanding the same action to be taken by Swati Maniwal and Police against the culprits involved in #girlslokcerroom.

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