NewsNationalGaurav Taneja starts a movement #AirasiaIsUnsafe, alleged favouritism in the company

Gaurav Taneja starts a movement #AirasiaIsUnsafe, alleged favouritism in the company

Gaurav Taneja Air Asia

Pilot Gaurav Taneja started a movement #AirasiaIsUnsafe, days after accusing the aviation company (Air Asia) for breaking safety norms and compromising the safety of the Passengers.

Popularly known by the name of Flying Beast, the pilot runs YouTube Channels. The Pilot asked the DGCA to involve him in further investigation process against AirAsia India, so that he can give conclusive evidence.

In his earlier video, ‘Reason behind Suspension from my pilot job’, Gaurav Taneja detailedly explained the unfair practices by the Company. According to him, The pilots are forced to do 98% of their landing at Flap 3 mode, which in order saves the fuel. If the pilot fails to land on ‘Flap 3’ mode it is considered breaking of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

Checkout the video here:

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After this revelation, Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast saw a lot of support from his fans as well as neutras. #BoycottAirAsiaIndia had been trending on twitter. Thereby the YouTuber was suspended by AirAsia India on disciplinary grounds.

On his recent video, the Pilot/YouTuber disclosed some of the emails sent by employees of the company to him anonymously. The mail’s, mentioned about the corrupt practices in company’s everyday administration.

One of the mails, according to Gaurav Taneja

  • “Capt Leela Singh was a Dy CFOI of DGCA, While he was Dy CFOI, his son applied to Air Asia for pilot job and didn’t passed the screening. He was given special reassessment and passed and given job with AirAsia by recruitment by Capt Nagesh Munniswamy.
  • Capt Leela Singh then helped to cover up all written complaints against Examiner Capt. Nagesh Munniswamy. Isn’t it Conflict Of Interest”.

To know further, checkout the video here:

The whistle blower pilot demanded, DGCA to look into the matter and include him in the further investigation process as he would know the development of the investigation as well as provide some conclusive evidence.

The YouTuber revealed, the DGCA carried out an unplanned safety audit into the matter. According to reply of the RTI filed, “The audit identified out few systematic deficiencies and the show cause notices were issued to concerned Head Of The Departments”

Gaurav alleged that the company has no answers to this question. They are using their PR machinery to improve their Brand Image. The YouTuber requested all his fans to support this #AirasiaIsUnsafe if they care about their safety.

However further developments in the investigation process will get clear as the time passes.

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