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Gaurav Taneja: Journey from being a pilot to India’s most loved vlogger, what makes the YouTuber different ?

Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav Taneja popularly known as flying beast is one of the most loved and celebrated vlogger in India. With unmatchable energy and connect with his audience, the YouTuber has able to stay relevant over the years. The YouTuber today celebrates his 34th birthday and fans can’t wait enough to share their love and admiration for their favourite YouTuber. #flyingbeast has been trending on twitter since morning.

A pilot, a fitness coach, a lifestyle vlogger and more importantly a wonderful father, husband and son. The YouTuber inspire his followers for working hard and chasing their dreams. Gaurav Taneja aka flying beast through his vlogging videos shows the simplicity of life and how to embrace this journey.

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Gaurav Taneja as Vlogger:

Gaurav is loved by his audience for depicting the greatness in life of a simple man in India. Rather than showing the fantasy world through his videos he rather believes in search of treasure in small things, may be quality time spent with family members. This quality of Gaurav Taneja makes him connect to the mass audience of India. Gaurav never fails to reciprocate the love and affection that his audience gives him. His YouTube channel Flying Beast has more than 3.2 Million subscribers.

Gaurav Taneja as fitness coach:

The hard working YouTuber has always mentioned during his videos and in many interviews how he wants to keep himself busy. The YouTuber who has so many things going on his life, never fails to entertain his audience. Gaurav Taneja started his YouTube journey with Fit Muscle TV in 2016, the YouTuber is a certified nutritionist and a professional bodybuilder. But what separates Gaurav from other YouTubers is, he didn’t forget his humble beginnings. The YouTuber inspire youngsters with his physique and drive to become the best.

Gaurav Taneja as Pilot:

Gaurav is also a pilot and has been working in the aviation industry for past 12 years. But recently, the YouTuber alleged that AirAsia India has been breaking the safety norms and not keeping into consideration the passengers safety. For this, the pilot was initially terminated and later suspended. But Gaurav took Air Asia India to court for violating the safety protocols. A single man stood against the whole system, that’s what makes the YouTuber Gaurav Taneja different.

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Gaurav Taneja as a family man:

But what really makes Gaurav Taneja stand out is his devotion towards his family and his work life balance. No matter how busy he is, he would certainly devote a certain time for his family. The YouTuber is a funny father, loving husband and a obedient son. Gaurav never fails to love his family. His family acts as his backbone in every situation good or bad.

The YouTuber recently launched a new channel Rasbhari Ke Papa which has gained more than 505K subscribers in just 13 hours. The YouTuber will upload gaming videos in this channel.

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