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Improvement in water quality of Ganga and Yamuna amidst Coronavirus lockdown


In a fight between Nature and man, the nature always has an upper hand, and that’s what we are witnessing now. A single blow from nature has forced the mankind to take backsteps. All the developed and developing countries around the world are surrendering themselves. Countries are going on lockdown.

But amidst all these, there is certainly some positive things for India. River Ganga and Yamuna, the most affected rivers from pollution and industrial waste are getting cleaner day by day. All the toxic waste that humans have been discharging into the rivers, have stopped. The water quality of the rivers have increased drastically.

One of the main reasons for this is, the industries are closed, the industrial waste used to hamper the water quality of the rivers nearly to 70%, the river is free from the toxic waste, the dissolve oxygen level has gone up and water has started its cleansing process. There is rise in water level which is indefinitely improving the marine life. In Varanasi “Nagwa Nala” Dissolve Oxygen level on 6th March: DO 3.8 ML/L, and on 4th April: DO 6.8 ML/L.

The Vice Chairman of Delhi Jal Board Raghav Chadda said, “Many industries and offices are closed due to the lockdown these days and therefore the Yamuna is looking cleaner these days. The stoppage of industrial pollutants and industrial waste has definitely had a positive effect on water quality. We will conduct testing of the water to ascertain the percentage of improvement in the quality”.

Bhim Singh Rawat, environmentalists and Associate Coordinator South Asia network on Dams, rivers, said improvement in water quality of Ganga has been seen around Mathura, he said, “The organic pollution level still gets diluted in the river but it is the chemical pollution by industries that destroys river’s self cleansing properties. The self-cleansing properties have improved due to which the water quality has improved,”

But the fear is, after the lockdown is lifted will everything be again back to normal industrial waste being discharged into rivers, house waste being dumped into rivers. If we take this situation as a warning it’s good for us, but if this is taken lightly then we have to surely face big consequences within few years.



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