NewsFuture Of Pakistan Cricket Rely On Misbah

Future Of Pakistan Cricket Rely On Misbah

Misbah Ul Haq
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Former Pakistani Captain Misbah-Ul-Haq has been appointed as Head Coach of Pakistan Men’s National Team.
He is also named as Chairman of selectors with head coaches of 6 first class cricket association sides.
Misbah was always the first choice of 5 member panel of PCB(Pakistan Cricket Board) that consists of Intikah Alam(Former International Cricketer, longest serving Pakistan Team Manager and Coach), Bazid Khan(Former International Cricketer), Asad Ali Khan(Member Board of governor), Wasim Khan(Cheif Executive PCB) and Zakir Khan(Director International Cricket -PCB).
Dean Jones, Mohsin Khan and Courtsey Walsh also went through the selection process. After the failure of Mickey Aurther as the head coach it was very clear that the PCB will back a Pakistani player who understands the sporting culture of the nation and the team so the best choice available for them was the Most successful captain of Pakistan, Misbah Ul Haq.

With election of Misbah Ul Haq as the head coach it also invited many controversy.

Misbah was a part of a committee which had a big role in removing Mickey Aurther as the head coach and prior to that Misbah has been appointed as the head coach so it seems to create a conflict of interest.

Another controversy that rose up is according to the laws and amendments of PCB, to become a head coach of Pakistan Men’s cricket team the candidate must have 3 years coaching experience of a national team which Misbah Ul Haq lacks so there seems a violation of PCB laws.

But the biggest question is, is Misbah Ul Haq One Man Army.
In this modern cricket it’s not seen that the head coach is also the Chairman of Selectors.
Can Misbah Ul Haq fit into so many roles?
The job of a head coach is to travel with the team in every tour whereas the job of a Cheif Selector is to take a look at the domestic players and the domestic setup how will Misbah manage both of these roles.

Will the player feel comfortable to share their weaknesses with Misbah as he is also the Cheif Selector. In this context Former Cricketer Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar took a dig at Misbah Ul Haq by saying, “Why not make Misbah the Chairman of PCB”.

To take a team to new heights the bond between the coach and the captain is a necessity and the biggest example of this is the bond between Ravi Shashtri and Virat Kohli. So it will be interesting to see will Misbah and Sarfaraz share same kind of story.

Waqar Younis (former test cricketer and ICC Hall OF Fame) has been appointed as the bowling coach. And the cricketing sporting culture of Pakistan says that there have always been ego problems in the Team Management so will Pakistan not face the same thing again.

As Misbah is given all the roles this means that he is also credible for the performance of the team. There will be no more blame games going on. There is a new domestic structure with only 6 regional teams but it’s all clear Misbah need to produce results as soon as possible.

With time only it will be clear that assigning all the roles to Misbah Ul Haq was a right move by PCB or not. There are many questions in front of Misbah and the team and they need to find the answer soon.

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