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Forest fire intensifies in Uttarakhand


The year 2020 is turning worse with each passing day. After Australia Bushfire, Uttarakhand is now burning. Forest fire broke out in Uttarakhand since last 4 days, causing huge loss to wildlife.


The state has witnessed 46 wildfire incidences till now. More than 51.34 hectares of forest cover has been guted, and around 5 hectares of forest has burnt in last 2 days. As per reports 2 person have died, while one has sustained severe injuries while trying to escape the wildfire.

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The areas like Almora, Bageshwar, Nainital Pauri, Chamoli, Dehradun and Pithoragarh are badly effected. The wildfire is effecting the lives of millions of animal. Till May 18 more than 20 fire incident took place, while now it has increased to 46.

The Forest Survey Of India has sent out around 4000 fire alerts across the country in past one week. Uttarakhand is the hub for more than half of the birds species that are found in the country. If the wildfire is not extinguished soon, it will effect the biodiversity in the worst manner.



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