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Flying Beast sends a box of surprise to AirAsia, #BurnolForAirasia trends on Twitter

Gaurav Taneja Air Asia

Gaurav Taneja Air Asia

Famous YouTuber Flying Beast aka Gaurav Taneja sends a box full of burnol tube to the aviation company AirAsia India after the company lost the battle.

The whistleblower pilot accused the company for breaking safety norms and comprising with the lives of the passengers. Just when this came into the notice of the company, AirAsia India suspended Gaurav Taneja. However the YouTuber stood by his ground and continued to fight for all the passengers. Time and again he came publically and disclosed company’s illegal practices with proper proofs and facts.

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During these time, his fans stood by him. The YouTuber got immense support from his admirers, they helped him in making this nationwide movement. Not only did they just show concern but also filed RTI (Right To Information) asking for proper information.

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And now all their hardwork has finally showed result, Captain Manish Uppal (Head Of Operations) and Captain Mukesh Nema (Chief Of Flight Safety) have been suspended by DGCA (Directorate General Of Civil Aviation) on Tuesday. To celebrate this moment, the famous YouTuber was seen purchasing ‘Burnol Tubes’ from different medical stores.

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There is a possibility that he has purchased the whole lot of ‘tubes’ from his nearby stores. By doing this ‘Flying Beast’ took a jibe at the top managements of Air Asia who were found guilty. He tweeted, “Sending a box full of this #SabKeLiye Please distribute properly. No cheating this time please @AirAsiaIndian

#BurnolForAirAsia started trending on twitter. While some took dig at AirAsia, some showed their anger. Several hilarious memes were circulated across the social media platform tagging the aviation company.

Checkout the video here: 

Although at last the YouTuber said, he has no problem with AirAsia, what he wants is the corrupt officers at the top management who compromises with the passengers safety should be replaced.



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