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FIFA World Cup to Kick off in 2022 in Qatar


FIFA has finally announced the World Cup schedule which is all set to begin in 2022 in Qatar. The fans will be witnessing 4 games everyday in a 12 day group stage starting from November.

FIFA announced the kickoff time at 1 PM (1000 GMT)  4 PM (1300 GMT) 7 PM (1600 GMT) 10 PM (1900 GMT). FIFA said in a statement.

Qatar will be hosting its first World Cup in Al Bayt stadium, an arena with crowd capacity of more than 60,000 people at 1PM (Local Time) on November 21. While the Play-Off for the third place will be played in Khalifa International Stadium on 17th December and the final will Kickstart at Lusail stadium.

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The players and teams rest has been kept into account, the group stage will last for 12 days with 4 matches per day. The scheduling will provide something interesting and different that fans would cherish in all the coming years. The location of venues, with no air travel would also help the fans, teams and media in terms of comfort as stadiums are nearly within 30- mile radius.

The FIFA statement read, “This will be achieved through the assignment of the group fixtures for each matchday to a stadium and kick-off time only after the final draw, currently planned for after the March 2022 international match calendar qualifying window. Once the pairings are known, the possibility will be discussed of providing a more beneficial kick-off time for audiences at home, or indeed for fans in Qatar with regard to the stadium allocation.”

The tournament will be compact as compared to the World Cup in Russia, to avoid any disruption in European Season. 32 teams will be participating in the 2022 World Cup. In the group stage, most of the team will get 3 day of rest between the matches. But teams in two last-16 matches will only have two days of rest. However for the third place Play-Off the loosing team will have 2 days to gear up again while the other 3 days for recovery.

Doha will be witnessing the history. The tournament was earlier slotted to begin from June, but the extreme heat in the Gulf State forced it to postpone to November. Matches are not being assigned to particular venue till the Final Draw in March, 2022.



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