NewsFAU-G to officially launch in November, nCORE Games release Trailer

FAU-G to officially launch in November, nCORE Games release Trailer

FAU-G Trailer

nCORE Games, the developer of upcoming Indian game FAU-G has teased a short clip of the game along-with Akshay Kumar, founder of nCORE Games Vishal Gondal. Other than sharing the teaser, launch month of the game has been confirmed. FAUG is getting launched in the month of November 2020, i.e., next month.

Clip starts with the location board of Galwan Valley, which can be seen 17,000 feet above sea-level and helicopters flying on sky. These helicopters are not of Indian Army but of Chinese Army. They land on the Galwan Valley and then Indian Army is seen to be resolving the issue with talks. When PLA (People’s Liberation Army) troops doesn’t agree, violent face-off starts between Chinese Army and Indian Army.

Fight between both the two troops are fought without any weapon, with the manpower. Indian Army tries their best and few armies of PLA can be seen falling from the steep mountain.

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Afterwards, 5 Indian Army is shown standing near the Tricolour (Indian Flag). And this is one of the eye-capturing moment of this FAU-G clip.

What FAU-G Teaser Shows About The Game ?

The graphics of game doesn’t seems to be impressive or eye-catching in the teaser, released on Twitter but we have to wait for the final product to witness the actual graphics. If PUBG players are thinking that it will be the alternate of their most loved game PUBG then it should be cleared that Vishal Gondal has already confirmed that FAU-G is not the alternate of PUBG.

In terms of storyline, Vishal Gondal has clarified that FAU-G is almost dedicated to the Indian Army and it’s story starts from the Galwan Valley. Later on, they will be adding more and more stories and in future they might think of battle royale game.

Whatever is shown in the teaser of FAU-G, it allow the users to think that the game is part of creativity and is based on reality as reality is much different.

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