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Extraction 2: Chris Hemsworth vs Pankaj Tripathi

Extraction 2
Chris Hemsworth (left) and Pankaj Tripathi (right)

The Netflix original film, Extraction which released on April 24 might have get sequel or a prequel. The last scenes from the film left us with so many questions in our mind which needs to be answered. There’s a good possibility that Extraction 2 can happen.

Extraction 2
Chris Hemsworth (left) and Pankaj Tripathi (right)


Extraction was directed by Sam Hargrave and was written by Joe Russo. The film is an official adaptation of Ande Parks novel “Ciudad“. The film was made with some changes in it’s original script like the location of it’s happening. In the novel the protagonist dies at the end of the story. Director Sam Hargrave did the same at the end of the movie but with a small twist.

In the end of Extraction, when Ovi came out of water he saw someone standing on the edge of the pool. The image of the person was not clear but from the body structure we are assuming him as Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth). When asked about this ending sequence, Sam said that he made a “compromise“. He further explained that in a test screening held for some people, they observed that some are satisfied with Rake’s death at the end and some want him to live. So with respecting the original story and also keeping in mind the audience need, Sam intentionally didn’t pull the focus to the man standing on the edge at the end to create questions in people’s mind that Who is He.

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But why this move by the director is so mind-blowing that people went crazy after watching it. Let me tell you why?
After watching Extraction for 2 times, I realised that the director leaves so many things unanswered in the movie. There is a high possibility of the film getting a sequel or a prequel. But what if we get a sequel, where we see Rake going after Ovi Mahajan Sr. (played by Pankaj Tripathi). That would be crazy but is it really possible? Let’s find out.

In the film, Pankaj Tripathi only has a screen time of over a minute and has done nothing other than just shouting on Saju. His character was not unleashed properly. Every Indian knows that the man, Pankaj Tripathi is capable of doing so many things with his roles. The writers of Extraction can easily create any new storyline with his character, Ovi Mahajan Sr. and let Tyler fight him, this time for something even more disastrous than the first one.

You remember the Bangladeshi boy who shoot Rake in the end, mind you he’s not dead. His character possessed something different than others. In the end sequence, we can see a gangster rising inside him when he fearlessly fired at Rake in middle of such an intense fight. Neysa, Saju’s wife was also a strong supporting character in the film. After her husband’s death, we can expect a good story curve expanding around her if there will be any sequel.

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Everything we are discussing will not be possible if, Rake won’t come out of the river in the end on time. But in the beginning of the film, Rake was seen diving into the water and staying there for quit some time. That scene might be placed there for showing the character’s skill and giving us hints that there is a good chance of his survival. Also a lot of time in many movies, when a lead character fell into the water we have seen that he/she survived. Just sharing facts.

Extraction contain some of the best action choreography ever done in a film. Those one take sequences were the highlights and the audience will be very happy, if they get a chance to witness the same level of Action one more time. These things are just assumption, there’s no such confirmation regarding the sequel of this film. We all can just hope that Sam and Team will come back soon with a bang.



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