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Everything you need to know about China-Hong Kong conflict

From last 4 months, lakhs of people in Hong Kong are protesting on the streets of Hong Kong against the Extradition bill proposed by the Government. Interestingly, on 9 July, 2019 Carrie Lam (Chief executive of Hong Kong) already announced that the Extradition bill is dead, but the protest is still going on. Infact the protest is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

Hong Kong Protestors

Millions of protesters marching on 16 June 2019.

Note :- Government of China appoints the Chief Executive Of Hong Kong.

Now the question arises that, why the people of HK is doing protest. What is the reason behind the conflicting situation in between China and HK? Let’s check each and every facts which causes China-Hong Kong conflict.

To understand the conflict between China & Hong Kong, we need to turn some pages of history.


In early 1800, British merchants arrived in China to purchase Chinese silks, spices, tea and in return they sell opium to China. At that time China use silver as their international currency.

Note:- Import of opium in China at that time was prohibited, so we can say that Britishers illegally sell the opium in china.

With the passage of time Britishers developed a port in HK so that they can easily trade with China. When chinese ruler get to know about opium trading they tried to stop the illegal selling of opium in China which result a conflicting situation in between China & Britain.

In 1839 First opium war was fought between China and Britain. The war results in China ceding Hong Kong in perpetuity to Britain. Hong Kong became a British crown colony. Britain also won second opium war (started in 1856).

1898:- In an agreement with China, Britain obtain Hong Kong in lease for 99 years.

Merger of Hong Kong with the People’s Republic of China

On July 1997,

Britain transfer the sovereignty over Hong Kong (or simply the Handover of Hong Kong in the hand of Communist China). United Kingdom ended administration for the colony of Hong Kong and passed control of the territory to China. A joint deceleration was signed between China and United Kingdom stated some special status to HK. In this joint deceleration “One country, two systems” principle agreed between the United Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China. The socialist system of the People’s Republic of China would not be practised in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), and Hong Kong’s previous capitalist system and its way of life would remain unchanged for a period of 50 years. This will left Hong Kong unchanged until 2047. This declaration also says that people’s of HK will enjoy democracy untill 2047.

Note :- As Britain rule Hong Kong for more than 150 years, therefore it brings a change in the system of HK and it also affect the Social and Cultural life of the people’s of Hong Kong.

Reason behind the protest in Hong Kong.

In early 2018, 19-year-old Hong Kong resident Chan Tong-kai allegedly killed his pregnant girlfriend Poon Hiu-wing in Taiwan, then returned to Hong Kong. Chan admitted to Hong Kong police that he killed Poon, but the police were unable to charge him for murder or extradite him to Taiwan because no agreement is in place between HK and Taiwan.

To solve the problem of extradite, on February 2019 government of Hong Kong proposed a Extradition bill.

Extradition bill :- The extradition bill allow handover of the person or fugitive in the territory of Hong Kong to Taiwan as well as to the Mainland Of China.

The handover of person to the Mainland Of China is the main reason of dispute between public and government of Hong Kong. With the help of this extradition bill China may target Journalist, Critics, NGO workers or anyone in the Hong Kong, and we all know that judicial judgement in Mainland of China are always in controversy. So the millions of people in Hong Kong started a protest against the extradition bill from March 2019.

On 9 July the bill was already scrapped but the protest didn’t stop. So what’s the reason behind this?

Here’s the list of all demands that the people’s of Hong Kong asking from government.

  • Release and exoneration of arrested protesters.
  • Establishment of an independent commission of inquiry into police behavior.
  • Universal suffrage for Legislative Council and Chief Executive elections.
  • Resignation of Carrie Lam.

The people’s of Hong Kong are scared of once the protest will stop the government may resume the bill, so the public demanding a Complete withdrawal of the extradition bill from the legislative process. The citizen of HK also unhappy because of Chinese government for using the “riot” to describe the 12 June protest.

It depends on circumstances that how far this situation will go.

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