NewsEuro 2020 Called Off

Euro 2020 Called Off

Euro 2020
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UEFA European football governing body decided to call off the Euro 2020 on Tuesday. The 24 team tournament, which was going to held across 12 nation in Europe from 12th June to 12th July has now been postponed to 11th June to 11th July in the year 2021.


The governing body reached the conclusion after a video conference with all the 55 of the affiliated national football federation and representatives of the club, legues and the players. The decision was taken in regard of the Coronavirus pandemic across the globe.

According to ESPN the calendar for 2020-21 will be reworked and assigned to a working group, with different contingencies based on the coronavirus pandemic. Another working group will look at the financial implications for clubs across Europe.

All over the globe, the Coronavirus pandemic has lead to cancellation of sporting events, starting from Champions League to Europa League. All the sporting events are either being called off, or being suspended.

Leagues have urged UEFA to prioritise completing domestic competitions, reflecting a concern that clubs throughout Europe will lose significant ticket and associated matchday revenue by not completing the season while still having to pay their players’ salaries.

The Coronavirus pandemic has raised a lot of concern and has effected lives of many. Nearly 7000 people have lost their lives and 1,80,000 people are infected from this virus.
It’s a havoc situation everywhere. The cancellation of sporting events will surely generate loss but nothing is more important than human life.

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