NewsEngineers Day, Meet the real life Mohan Bhargav: Datta Patil

Engineers Day, Meet the real life Mohan Bhargav: Datta Patil

Engineers Day

On September 15, India celebrates Engineers Day to celebrate the birth anniversary of India’s Greatest Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. Engineers are the pride and pillars of any nation, they play an important role in development of a nation and transforming the society.

More than 15 Lakh engineering students graduate every year in India, which is more than the combined numbers of United States of America and China. However there is a depressing figure, 20-30% end up nowhere after graduation while many land up taking jobs that is nowhere related to their field of expertise.

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But today we will talk about the man whose love for the people forced him to return back to India and devote all his life in development of the nation. Doesn’t it sounds similar to the character Mohan Bharagava played by Shah Rukh Khan from Swades.

Meet the real life Mohan Bharagav, Datta Patil. Halgara, a tiny village in Latur District which is known for Water shortage. Datta helped Halgara to become a drought free village after a lot of efforts, but how let’s learn about it.

Datta Patil had a very humble beginnings. Since childhood he saw the pain the farmers goes through in this country, as he himself was a farmer’s son. However, his limitation as compared to other kids didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams and working for his passion. Datta Patil, after completing his studies started working on big MNC’s like Microsoft and later Yahoo. After working for 5 years, Datta moved to USA.

It was in his 2016 visit to India, that he realised his country and his people need him. Till then he was aware about the conditions prevailing in Latur which resulted in farmers suicide. Datta along with his family went for a long drive, but nowhere did he found lush green field.

In an interview with BetterIndia Datta said, “We woke at 5 am that day, boarded the car and packed some breakfast for the way. It was a family tradition to halt on the way near a lush field, sit in the shade and devour our homemade food. But that day, we drove and drove. And for hours, there wasn’t a green patch in sight. It felt like we were on a parched desert stretch in Rajasthan. This was nothing like the place I grew up. It was then that the gravity of the drought sunk in. When I enquired, my father lamented the distress of farmers in our village. I just kept quiet for the rest of the trip and retrospected about what I could do.”

This realisation made Datta Patil to work towards his goal. After studying the project and the reason behind shortage of water in Halgara, he found out that the groundwater level of the village. Datta Patil came back to his village and started working on the project. In the initial days, he spent money from his pocket, but later got support from villagers and top authorities of Yahoo.

Datta was very clear with his thoughts, he wanted to preserve every drop of rainfall in his village by helping it deep into the ground which will inorder help to recharge the groundwater table. Along with desilting 20KM canals, Datta also built 26 check dams with his team.

His efforts showed results, the groundwater level which was earlier 800 ft is now currently 100 ft. Moreover 200 Crore litres of water was saved. His efforts truly brought wonders.

This man surely inspires every countrymen, no matter where you reach you should never forget your roots. And at the end what stays with you is, “How you utilised your life for serving others.”

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